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The scene here in sunny Jacksonville, FL is somewhat of a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. As a DJ, I have been familiar with the goings on in the EDM crowd for the last 10 years. During the peak years of ’05-’08, the River City saw big names like Paul van Dyk, Gabriel and Dresden (thank God they’re touring together again), Sandra Collins, BT, James Holden, Satoshi Tomiie, ok, you get it. Those were great years full of great shows.  Granted, these shows weren’t going on in arenas or outdoor grounds large enough for a small town, but they did go on in small clubs and I was more than happy to go.

After ’08, I found myself having to drive to Orlando, Tampa and Miami to catch a “good” act. Lengthy drives for, if I was lucky, a 3 hour set. Don’t get me wrong, the local talent is great. Jacksonville’s own have always been at it. In coffee shops, lofts and just recently, oceanfront patios, the local stars pump out their House genre of choice. The same loyal crowds listen and dance their hearts out. It is great to see, as I am usually right there with them.

In short, the scene seems to be back on the incline part of the track…..recent shows like Sander Kleinenberg and Kimball Collins, a veteran of the FL scene, have swept through SUITE, a venue who has decided to step up and give us some much needed weekly Wednesday night HOUSE. Coming up are Oscar G, Cedric Gervais and BT. You can also catch Jacksonville’s best playing oceanfront every Sunday @ Club O in Jax Beach. More to come!


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  • jsweeney51:

    I would agree that the scene in the Jacksonville area has been down in the dumps the last few years, but I would argue that the peak years were more from the late 90′s-early 2000′s. Sure it was a different kind of scene then, but there were still multiple clubs dedicated to bringing in international talent on a weekly basis as well as featuring the local DJs.

    And I definitely agree that it’s nice that we have a club willing to take the plunge and have a EDM dedicated night with names that people know and get excited about while still being sure to have some old school Jacksonville resident’s open up. My only hope is that it re-energizes the city and househeads and gets the ball rolling towards making this a fixture and not just a short-term fix.

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