DJ BooshWheelz features on “House Of Blen- Vol. 1″

Yes my good House people…

I have had the honor of being featured on El Blen’s very unique and, dare I say, un-safe album called House Of Blen Vol. 1.

It is a culmination of El Blen’s very original Deep, Classic, and “Conditionally Cosmic” House music. House of Blen is formatted in a creative kind of story line that makes for a very interesting listen. It’s a lot more than just a compilation of tracks it’s an experience. Coming from a guy that literally has the head of a wolf I guess that wouldn’t be to hard to believe. He parades around the New York City  House music scene with a wolf mask on.

But don’t tell him that, he’ll ask you “What mask?” I have been following El Blen for quite some time and I’m glad to see that he is putting his music out for a larger audience to consume.

El Blen called me up and asked me to write a piece for a track called “Looking For A Parking Spot” so I graced him with two separate pieces, both of which actually made the album.  The song fits perfectly into the storyline.

You can find the wolf at

Here is a video of “My New Zoot Suit” by El Blen that was featured on my mix “House-tastic Vol. 2″… This is one of the reasons I think he is so original and worth taking a look into.

Take a listen to House of Blen

Video interview with El Blen coming soon!


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