But First, A Few Words….

Lee has been kind enough to give me this space to pretend like I know what I’m doing. Of course, I don’t, but I never let that stop me before…

Before one solitary sentence is devoted to the topic at hand, I’d first like to say a few words on the the general topic of music itself.

We all have our preferences when it comes to music. Much like religion, what one person digs, another despises. That is another column altogether. Hell, blogs are devoted to it.

I have yet to encounter a human being that doesn’t like music. Well, that’s not entirely true. I met someone who said they didn’t like music. I didn’t talk to them for any length of time. What would be the point?

Aside from religion, I can’t think of any other thing on this planet that evokes such passion in people. Not liking someone’s music tastes is akin to slapping their mother. Friendships have been destroyed over it. Relationships have ended because of it. I stopped dating a girl because she thought Devo were “weird.”

We all love what we love, and hate what we hate. One thing stands out above all preferences.

None of us can live without it.

You may start your night with Rihanna, party to Black Eyed Peas, and croon drunkenly at the end of the night to Journey, but I can’t hate on you for that. It’s not how I get down, but I respect your groove.

You may listen to the same Oasis song four times in a row on the jukebox, but that is who you are. More power to you.

Your ringtones are every song currently in the Top 40. I will not hate on you. That is your thing.

It took me a while to get to this point. I’m still having some difficulty adjusting to this new way of thinking. Having spent the better part of my life musically educating myself, I have tastes that I would describe as severely elitist.

To put it bluntly, I’m a music snob.

I think my music tastes are superior to EVERYONE. As a DJ, and an avid music collector. I pride myself on having a little bit of everything, but only the cream of the crop. From ABBA to Zappa, and everything in between.

Is there a point to my rambling?

The point is this; House. Reggae. Rock. Disco. Hip Hop. Techno. Dubstep. Just labels.

The labels are necessary for classification purposes. Unfortunately, some people try to attribute labels to music, like race, class, religion, sexual orientation.


It moves us. We laugh or cry when we hear it, it evokes memories that strong. We remember smells and sights. We reminisce about places and people we were with when we first heard a particular song.

It is encoded in our DNA. We are musical beings. It fuels revolutions, stops wars, creates families, reveals truths, enhances images, moves masses.

Music gives our lives depth and character. It is the distilled essence of the human story. We are lesser without it, and greater because of it.

In my tenure here, it is my hope and wish to discuss the origins, genres, pioneers, innovators and contributors to house music with passion, respect, and a bit of humour.

Stay with me. The journey gets interesting…

-DJO2is (Otis Galloway)

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